Wednesday, January 30, 2019

We're British, no backstop, please...

Parliament now supports Mrs May's deal sans the backstop. The EU says the withdrawal deal can't possibly be modified in any way. Yet the result of that will be no deal and the EU has said there will be no hard border in Ireland, then has an open border with a free trading UK... the EU seems to have destroyed it own argument with the logic of its position. So something will have to change.  With Ireland dependent on NI and UK trade to a much greater extent than EU trade, if they want to survive no deal they will have to have a "border" with the EU rather than the UK! Where that ends up will be amusing!

Meanwhile, SNP MP's are furious but by the same logic they can only leave the UK and become part of the EU - post Brexit - if they have a hard border with the UK, which they would have to agree to pay for pre-referendum and build before they left. Also by ignoring the overall democratic mandate of the UK's referendum, they are also going to have to respect the democratic mandate of the border countries, moving the border northwards if the border countries vote to remain part of the UK. Scottish independence likely to end up an even bigger mess than Brexit.

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