Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Gang of Eleven

Three Conservatives have joined eight MPs from Labour to bolster the Independent Group, the whole lot of them coming over as intelligent, honest and capable - something of a rarity in modern politics. They are doing okay in the polls but I suspect that is down to their pro-EU stance and call for a People's Vote. Beyond that they have put out a rather vague statement of intent which few sane people would disagree with. Meanwhile, the LibDems make conciliatory noises but look like they are creaking at the seams, Sir Vince taking on the aura of a tired B-movie extra rather than someone who is going to save the country from Brexit. 

The LibDem's have the machinery of a political party but a lot of their members are out to prove a point, that they are more left wing than Corbyn, salivating at the prospect of confiscatory wealth and land taxes. In their hearts they know that is a non-runner electorally so tolerate a more centre-left leadership and MP's, who are still dogged by the coalition detritus where they ended up described as Orange Conservatives. However, the IG are expecting the LibDem MPs to cross the floor to join them rather than the other way round.

Presumably, the IG are hoping that the 60 percent of the populace who want to stay in the EU will be so outraged by Brexit that they won't need to be prodded by the electoral machinery to vote for the new party and social media will hum with a song of hope. Or something. 

Just a thought, Ken Clarke - a moderate but ultra loyal Tory - has been very quiet on the new party but he could possibly finish off the Conservatives by crossing the floor...

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