Friday, February 22, 2019

Managed Decline...

The Left, when talking about the plight of the poor, always goes on about the UK being one of the richest countries in the world, conveniently forgetting the debt pile that Gordon Brown built up which the Conservatives almost doubled in trying to get the deficit down to sane levels without crashing the system - a very soft austerity. Without that debt - and its ever increasing servicing cost - current deficit and spending would be quite reasonable but in the context of the actual debt is still far too hight. 

With Brexit about to happen, the only way the UK is going to survive in the big, wide - highly competitive - world is to cut the government back much further, taking a much needed opportunity to roll back a highly intrusive State (and councils), ensuring that the power of politicians over the populace is much diminished rather than their current power grab from Brussels. The alternative to a much smaller State is a ruined currency and managed decline, with ever higher taxes thrown away on wasteful government projects that only serve to bolster the incomes of the political class and their ever expanding retinue of lackeys.

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