Monday, February 4, 2019

Mass exodus...

The only way a no-deal Brexit is going to work is by a complete downsizing of the State and massive reduction in taxes for both businesses and individuals. The Singapore model is much touted but that won't work here because there is too much government ownership of land and housing in Singapore, the UK needs to be even more radical than Singapore! Unfortunately, politicians equate their success to the size of their departments and Mrs May's power trip includes an ever expanding State to cater to all the needs of the populace. Falling revenues post Brexit and an already massive debt pile means radical reform is the only way out of the mess that Gordon Brown made of things, one that continues to dog the country. 

Labour would double or even treble the size of the State, wasting trillions of then hugely devalued pounds, still enamoured of the Venezuela model and barely able to restrain themselves from sprouting Marxist mantras.

Between the incompetence of the current government and the prospect of a massive wealth grab by Labour, is it any wonder that companies and individuals want to fast exit?

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