Monday, February 25, 2019

The Nasty Reality Party...

Gordon Brown cleverly made so many people dependent on the State via welfare and tax credits that it is very hard for a right wing Conservative government to get enough votes to win an election. Hence Mrs May's insistence on the centre ground and big State. Corbyn and Co would love to make everyone dependent on the State, ensuring that the Tories could never win an election again, at least until the UK's economy implodes from a ruined currency after endless printing of funny money. The Left has already convinced itself that Gordon Brown didn't all but bankrupt the country and doubling or tripling government spending is the way to solve all the country's problems, ignoring the reality of what happens to every full-on socialist country. 

Interestingly, and hopefully, this removal from reality is most deeply embedded in older Labour members rather than youth, who at the flick of a finger on their smart phones can view what is happening in Venezuela - the Left, of course, blame the USA for blocking trade rather than socialism for that country's fall from grace. You have to laugh, or should that be cry? Reality back in the UK is that the absurdly generous welfare budget is eating up all the money that should be spent on schools, hospitals etc, and no party is openly promoting this view because too many people are addicted to "free" government money, seen now as a basic human right.

So where does that leave us post Brexit? Whether or not May gets a deal, now delayed to March 12th, the reality will be falling government revenues over the next five years but absolutely no plans for an emergency budget to take 50-100 billion out of government spending, which if not done will send Sterling spiralling downwards as the BOE has no stomach for getting ahead of the game by  upping base rates to above inflation. Tariff free imports won't produce lower prices if Sterling falls dramatically and exporters don't seem to benefit that much from the ruined value of the pound...

How will the new centre ground, wannabe party, The Independent Group, address these fundamental problems if Brexit happens. Whilst happy to produce dire warning about the consequences of Brexit my guess is that any upcoming manifesto will completely ignore them! I don't think they would be impressed by the idea of naming themselves The Nasty Reality Party.

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