Tuesday, February 19, 2019

The Real Labour Party

A paltry seven escapees from the Labour Party formed something called The Independent Group, six MPs I've never heard of and the mildly charismatic Chuka Umunna. They mostly came over as working class kids who made good and could easily have been fronting the grittier end of the Conservative Party but they were die-hard Labour, of course, who claimed their views had never changed - always a bad sign - and that Corbyn led Labour had mutated into something they did not recognize, rife with anti-Semites and vicious put-downs of those who dare criticize the leadership. Tony Blair did not pop out of the woodwork, though all seven want to remain in the EU. They have yet to form an actual party... I initially thought The Classic Labour Party might be a suitable moniker but maybe Real Labour might work better. Or given our electoral system perhaps Hard Labour!

Meanwhile, as predicted on this site, Honda are indeed shutting down their Swindon factory at the end of 2021, along with a Turkish offshoot. Nothing to do with Brexit, they say, just consolidation of all their manufacturing into their massive Japanese factory, the flip-side of singing up a free trade deal with the EU and doubtless later on the UK - no tariffs, no need to manufacture abroad. Guess they also had one eye on a future Labour government's ambition to take ten percent of the wealth of all large companies. Or was it Mrs May's penchant for telling foreign companies what they want to hear and then doing something completely at odds with that reassurance?

Auto-workers who voted for Brexit on the back of not wanting the country overrun with foreigners and ending Freedom of Movement may eventually work out - tick, tock - that the result of ending of FOM is that they have locked themselves out from all those well-paying auto jobs in the EU!

Expect Labour activists to go into a frenzy in Swindon as such massive jobs losses will leave the sitting Conservative MP's an easy target. Unconfirmed rumours already circulating that the drawings of the Morris Marina have been dusted off with the intention of converting it to an electric vehicle so that Labour can promise to use the factory for a new nationalized car industry, a socialist fervour doing the rounds that everyone in the country will exult in equality by being forced to drive the same car! This will also revive the bicycle industry because each car will need a bike in the boot for when it breaks down and the driver has to take the battery to a charging point. The cost of the car will not matter because no-one will be allowed to actually own one.

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