Friday, February 15, 2019

Voted Down Again

Last night Mrs May lost yet another vote on affirming support for her strategy. The Brexiteers, and others, abstained. Much angst and bed-wetting by the reporters but this is all down to Mrs May not moving forward on removing the backstop and some worries about no-deal being taken off the table. She goes around telling people what they want to hear, adding up to a set of promises that are not compatible with each other. Arguably, this strengthens Mrs May's hand because it is clear that some fudge will not get through parliament, so the EU will need to do something radical if they want a deal and no hard border in Ireland.

Meanwhile, the Labour leadership looks pretty useless, reflected by the latest polls which show the Conservatives nicely ahead despite their basic incompetence at doing Brexit that requires a fundamental downwards shift in government spending and intrusion into people's lives. The Brexiteers get that but don't have enough support for a very British coup.

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