Thursday, March 28, 2019

All change, no change...

MP's indicative votes had the confirmatory referendum and staying in a custom's union as the top choices but neither yet had a majority... MP's will narrow things down on Monday, may well end up with a demand for a long extension and second referendum. If people really want to stay they will have to get out and vote for the MEPs, the LibDems the only party with the remain message but they have a failed leader and a penchant for making up for the coalition years by being more left-leaning than Labour (another set of wealth grabbing policies that will reduce the country to nothingness) with an open immigration policy... do TIG have the time to set up a new party to run in the MEP elections?

Meanwhile, Mrs May has agreed to step down if her deal passes on the third attempt... otherwise she is going to do what? Boris her likely replacement. If the referendum plus May's deal gets through parliament then Boris will be in the curious position of having to promote May's deal which most Brexiteers think is worse than staying in the EU... or would Mrs May stay on until after the referendum? Mrs May defines the old quip about being promoted to your level of incompetence...

There are about two dozen really hardcore Tory Brexiteers who would rather eat their own heads than support May's deal. They were out in force yesterday, absolutely unable to get their heads around the legality of the exit date change, despite it already being done in international law, spewing forth a huge amount of venom... they have not aged with any kind of grace; Corbyn and co look positively lovely in comparison and you can see the kind of madness that Cameron had to keep in check... I say this as a Thatcherite so I can imagine the horror and angst amongst the Lefties. 

Neither have the DUP changed their minds, lucky they that the Tories don't have a majority, otherwise the backstop would be replaced with a new sea border. I have yet to see a NI or Eire politician who doesn't have a glimmer of stern conviction in the rightness of their thinking that makes them somehow robotic... give Blair and co a round of applause for taking the violence out of the situation there and see an echo in how much wealth peace in Europe has generated.

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