Thursday, March 21, 2019

All jeer now...

I think many voters will find the idea that Mrs May knows what they are thinking somewhere between highly objectionable and laughable, I would imagine that if we really had a Big Brother State (which she would love) that had cameras in the TV then she would have seen a majority of the populace jeering at the TV screen when she just came out with the same old mantra.

I do absolutely agree with her that a Brexit that isn't based on her redlines is rather pointless but because of the NI border those same redlines can't exist... I just had a vision of Mrs May running around in circles like a dog chasing its own tail.

High drama, though, Parliament refuses her deal, EU refuses an extension as it does not want more of the same, Parliament rules out no-deal again, she refuses a ratification referendum and... she either does a disappearing act at the crucial moment (rather likely given past form)- no deal happens regardless - or Parliament votes to revoke article 50 and mass happiness breaks out in the UK!

Hopefully, the Conservatives can still redeem themselves with a new leader such as Boris Johnson and an iron chancellor, slashing taxes and rolling back the State... keeping the Brexiteers happy will be top priority post-May, getting back to core Tory values a priority.

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