Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Corbyn's People's Vote...

After meeting with other opposition parties - all of whom want a second referendum and appeared surprised that Mr Corbyn was more enthusiastic about a People's Vote - our future PM explained to reporters that he was really enthusiastic about a People's Vote as long as it was a General Election. Hard to know if you should scream or burst into tears... pathetic sums it up.

Meanwhile, Mrs May has evidently been told by the EU that she can't ask for a short extension with the option of it being turned into a long extension, has decided to ask for a short extension until the end of June. Despite being told there has to be a fundamental shift in policy or a second referendum or general election to get any kind of extension. She seems to think she can resubmit her deal to parliament a couple of more times, despite being told she can't do that by the Speaker, until everyone runs out of time again and are panicked into agreeing to doing something they don't want to do. Pathetic again.

Both Corbyn and May seem to share the same intransigence and indifference to the reality of the situation, neither will be able to offer the electorate anything they actually want should there be a GE, people will vote just to avoid things they dislike!

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