Sunday, March 31, 2019


Everyone loves democracy when the end result is in agreement with their wishes... when it isn't there is much muttering and discontent but the thought that the next electoral cycle will sort things out. A referendum sort of throws a spanner in the works and can only be sorted out by another referendum if things go all awry. With sixty percent of the populace wanting to remain, seventy percent of MP's  being remainers and even Mrs May probably really wanting to stay if she hadn't gone all robotic,  and like many of the Labour front bench, become enslaved by meaningless mantras, something has to give.

Meanwhile, the USA hints at the sunny uplands of a massive free trade deal, including financial services, and if the UK was really lucky in its timing we could sort of slide into the pending USA/India FTA, not to mention Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, large chunks of Asia and then there's the other Commonwealth countries... if Dr Fox suddenly pops up with that lot, no-deal might become almost a necessity and save the day for Mrs May and the Tories. It could happen. Tariff free EU imports for six months with the threat of penal tariffs if they don't agree to a FTA might sort things out there, with someone like Boris as PM... the country flooded with cheap food, cars, etc and that good feeling from calling the EU's bluff. Might work, might go all horribly wrong - we might find out shortly!

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