Friday, March 29, 2019

Last Chance for the WA...

Mrs May seems to have very little interest in the country at large, her main concern to have the legacy of leaving the EU with her deal signed off. Legal beavers have gotten around the Speaker's ruling by just bringing back the withdrawal agreement for a final vote, leaving the political declaration for another day... MP's weren't amused at this trickery and spent most of the day mouthing off but achieved little other than straining their vocal chords. Most of the time in parliament spent in arcane nonsense rather than doing something useful, the mother of parliaments reduced to a sad state of farce that continuous TV coverage exposes to a disbelieving public - if they felt disconnected from MP's at the beginning of the Brexit process by now they must be thinking they are living in a time warped parallel universe.

No-one thinks that the WA will win the day, unless an amendment to make it subject to a confirmatory referendum slips in - with nowhere else to go, the government might just back it at the last moment despite the threat of hard-Brexiteers exploding in rage. Mrs May won't yet step down, though, still more work to do but the EU's summer recess does give the Conservatives a few months to run a leadership battle.

That just leaves the question of who do Remainers support in the MEP elections. The LibDems are the obvious beneficiary but weak leadership and silly policies won't inspire many. TIG are yet a political party and Labour are not a remain party - Corbyn's reluctance to front the second referendum cause has pissed off many natural supporters. Meanwhile, Farage's Brexit Party might yet sweep through the country as May will still be the leader of the Conservatives and even a hard Brexiteer will be constrained by whatever extension May has signed up for.

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