Friday, March 15, 2019

People's Vote Down...

On the face of it, not much support for the People's Vote amendment but that was down to the nature of the vote - it was important for the original motion on the extension to get through, if the referendum amendment had passed then the Tories would have had to whip against their own extension, plunging the country into even more chaos. Let's hope that the EU insists on a ratification referendum if the UK wants a long extension. From these couple of day's voting, looks like there are a hardcore of 200 MP's who want a really hard Brexit, not enough to bring it to fruition. May's third vote on her deal next week likely to be undermined by soft-Brexiteers deciding to no longer support it because, ironically, no-deal will be off the table if the deal fails.

Time for the EU to step up with a better deal than they offered Cameron, thus heaping more madness into the mix.

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