Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Too many laws, too little enforcement...

The UK works as a lightly policed society because the civilised majority of the populace recognise that it's much more pleasant to have a rule based country than one where anything goes. If people aren't able to step up to life in such a society they need to be dealt with by the police and lawyers. The law, though, has been brought into disrepute by the sheer excess of minor laws spewed out by Parliament, most only there to justify the excessive salaries of the MP's. You end up with absurdities such as a council being able to fine you £5000 for changing a window without permission whilst people who enter the country illegally are not immediately thrown back from whence they came (the same councils perhaps using these fines to house and feed the illegal immigrants).

Whilst minor laws can come with outrageously high fines, serious laws are often accompanied with laughable prison terms - prisons where the criminals are allowed to replicate their outside hierarchy and commit even more crimes which largely go unpunished - knifing someone, for instance, very rarely getting decade long terms of incarceration. All this spews up rage under the veneer of civilised society, especially when such crimes creep out from the ghetto into mainstream areas. 

This all starts in the schools where the lack of discipline encourages youths to act out the stuff they see on social media and parts of the UK regress to third world status where gang members gain initiation by mugging/knifing innocents. With Brexit meaning much less government spending, school class sizes will have to increase and that won't work unless there is serious redress when kids play up. I am sure a lot of older Conservatives have fond memories of the cane and can't wait to get that going again...

Brexit is an opportune moment to roll back all these minor laws and concentrate on serious punishment for the important stuff... the current government has a disturbing penchant for rolling out endless laws that are so poorly thought out that they have repercussions beyond what they are supposed to fix and is largely unfit for purpose, albeit infinitely preferable to the Marxist inspired alternative... best hope at the moment, Boris Johnson will ride to the rescue (reigned in by a proper Conservative chancellor such as John Redwood).

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