Saturday, March 23, 2019

Where's Mrs May's Petition, then...

The revoke article 50 petition is set go over four million, breaking all records and repeatedly crashing the site. You would have thought that one of Mrs May's friends would have done a petition on her deal to see if there is popular support, especially as she is convinced that she knows what the British people are thinking. No?

Meanwhile, my best guess is that a second referendum will win out on the indicative votes on Wednesday but it will have to be remain versus no-deal to stop the Brexiteers going crazy... roughly a third of MPs and a third of the populace support no-deal. Mrs May would go all neutral for the six months it takes to organize the referendum, then stepping down... the new leader of the Conservative party probably a Remainer, have to be someone young enough to get into the youth vote - Jo Johnson?

If Mrs May was really clever she would redeem herself with the youth vote, not just by allowing a second referendum but also by letting 16-17 year-old's take part.

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