Tuesday, April 2, 2019

All Good Fun...

It is notable that when Trump gives a statement he usually hangs around to take questions from journalists - sometimes for more than an hour - whereas Mrs May will make a statement and immediately do a disappearing act. We all wait with baited breath to see if she emerges for the next statement hand-in-hand with Corbyn, having picked up a few Marxist mantras along the way to lull her into a dreamless sleep. We are at that point where the process has to feed Mrs May's ego, a mindless determination to step down with the job of exiting the EU well done. 

The compromise position will possibly be a permanent customs union for all of the UK, which the DUP may grudgingly accept as it sort of solves the border problem and, more importantly, treats NI the same as the rest of the UK. The Brexiteers will scowl and howl but as long as it is in the non-binding political declaration then they will not be too worried, a new leader equals throwing that away so they are no worse off than at the moment.

Corbyn's party want a second referendum, something that might split the Tory party as it would mean the end of Brexit... so does Corbyn want out of the EU more than he wants to destroy the hated Conservatives?

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