Sunday, April 7, 2019

Boris to the rescue?

Parliament won't allow no-deal and Mrs May has now said no-deal is not possible. How to get no-deal and unseat Mrs May from her throne? Boris Johnson needs to provide an alternative that the Conservative party can rally around and the only thing that makes sense is to call for a referendum in six months time, with remain versus no-deal. This should make both remainers - who will assume they will win - and leavers happy, who will have the combined power of Boris and Farage to lead their cause. Even Mrs May would not survive the complete dropping of her deal from the referendum, Boris then as PM leading the charge to fast exit the EU would reattach the Tories to their electorate. But a further twist would be to ask for an extension until the end of the EU's fiscal period, thus giving no-deal 14 months of breathing space if they won... we would still be exiting the EU on the same date if you add in the transition period mandated by May's deal. Meanwhile, there would be little to stop Boris from making radical changes to tax and welfare, promising yet more if Brexit happens.

Another thought, if May had to stand down as PM and MP then her seat could be given to Nigel Farage, that would really reset the Conservative party...

Even if no-deal lost the second vote, the Conservatives could still claim to have given the people their chance for a say and would not have alienated remainers, unlike now.

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