Thursday, April 11, 2019

End of the Conservatives?

The LibDems generally did a good job in the Coalition government but were hammered in the next elections, partly down to them not standing up against tuition fees and partly down to Labour promising Lefties that they would turn the country into a socialist paradise. Despite being the only main party to promote staying in the EU, the LibDems still languish at less than ten percent in the polls and show no signs of a popular revival. Change UK may or may not eat into Labour's vote and may or may not completely wipe out the LibDems.

Meanwhile, the Conservatives aren't doing that badly in the polls despite the tribulations of Madame May and getting on for 200 Tory MP's wanting to fast exit the EU without a deal. If Madame May ends up giving in to demands for a second referendum, her deal versus remain, and the latter wins where would that leave the Conservatives in the next election? Possibly as many as sixty percent of their voters would be seriously pissed off, which would be annihilation in the polls. Given that she only did the referendum after pressure from Labour, none of those young voters are going to give her credit for it. Whilst stalwart Labour Leavers will blame the Tories for not leaving rather than Labour.

That just leaves someone like Boris to meander merrily along for a year or two, hoping that a hefty bit of tax cutting will get the troops back in line and the thought of a Marxist Britain will frighten the shit out of the half of the populace who have a bit of money. Bad odds on a Conservative win, I would say.

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