Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Here we go again...

Madame May has come back from Brussels with a six month extension to Oct 31st with the option of fast exiting if the WA is passed by Parliament beforehand. No changes will be allowed in the WA and MEP elections will have to take place, though they can be cancelled at the last moment if the WA is passed before they need to sit. Bizarrely, Labour is shown way ahead in a poll on the MEP elections with the smaller parties doing not very much, what the f..k are the Remainers thinking?

The ERG are still going on about leaving on March 29th but the only way they can leave without a deal is via a second referendum. The Remainers want a second referendum in the hope that the polls showing 60 percent in favour of staying are actually true. Come on then, guys and gals, the only way forward is a second referendum on remain versus no-deal, if MP's passed that Madame May would have to step down as she would look ridiculous, having wasted three years on a deal no-one wants.

Incidentally, seeing the French president flouncing around, railing against the Brits, will most likely get a lot more voters going over to the no-deal side. 

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