Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Mrs May does not get it...

The Cameron/Osborne combination worked well for as long as it lasted. Cameron gave the Conservatives a very British - in the best sense of the word - front whilst Osborne was able to slash public spending and taxes, keeping the Conservative base support happy, or at least not enraged. There was relative restraint in bringing in new laws rather than the endless stream that politicians like to enact to justify their excessive salaries and very existence. 

Enter Mrs May, one of the reasons she got in was undoubtedly nostalgia for the days of Mrs Thatcher. Whilst Madame May has a similar determination to the Iron Lady she lacks any kind of vision other than hanging on to power by all possible means. She seems to believe that the main purpose of the State is its expansion by means of endless laws and often finds her ideas straight from the mouth of wannabe Marxist Corbyn. 

The great mass of Conservative supporters want none of this nonsense but this mostly goes unsaid or even unrealised, such is the intensity of angst and rage about Brexit. Gordon Brown cleverly set a massive trap for the Conservatives by making a vast swathe of the populace dependent on in-work benefits such as tax credits and housing benefit, the mere hint of their removal having voters running to the Labour party for salvation. The result the ever so nice Cameron then Mrs May's flirtation with socialist policies.

This is suicide for the Conservative Party. Not only does Farage's Brexit Party want to do a clean exit from the EU, it is also into the small state, minimal welfare and slashing taxes - if we believe Nigel's mutterings on his radio show. Put Farage in a wig and dress, arm him with a large handbag, and it would be easy to believe that Mrs Thatcher is back!

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