Friday, April 5, 2019

The Blame Game

Mrs May looks set to blame the EU for insisting on a long extension - if there was any sanity left it would be 20 months, until the end of the EU's fiscal period - rather than her now repeated demand of June 30th. She can blame Labour for not compromising and agreeing to her demands for needing such an extension and then, hopefully, both Labour and the EU for demanding a second referendum if she is going to have a decent reason for a long extension. The ERG now hopeful that a long enough extension will give them a chance to replace Mrs May and go all hardcore on the EU. The DUP find the EU intransigent, Mrs May ludicrous and Labour completely beyond the pale. Meanwhile, Farage is looking for his Brexit Party to dominate the MEP elections and cause so much havoc in Brussels that the EU will lose all patience with the UK, throw them to the wolves of WTO tariff terms.

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