Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Euro's prediction

Labour will lose their youth vote to the Greens, Change and UKiP will not get a serious vote, and LibDem/Greens vote will be closer than expected to the Brexit Party. Labour will do nearly as badly as the Conservatives, both in single figures. The GE may be even more interesting with a Green/LibDem/Change coalition - the dream ticket would be Caroline Lucas as leader and Sir Vince as chancellor, getting most of the youth vote but not on the back of Labour's fantasy economics, so plenty of older voters would also be able to support them. The LibDem's would be the biggest problem as they burst into tears if confronted with nasty realities such as excluding foreigners from the welfare system until they have been here for five years; necessary to keep the Brexiteers from going into riot mode. Would they win against a Thatcherite Brexit Party in cohoots with a right-wing Tory party? Would depend where we are on the Brexit road.

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